FIRE System Rails - Standard & Scout.  Sold Out
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These two GG&G FIRE System rails were designed to mount
easily over the integral rails of the M16/AR-15 flat top receiver and work in
conjunction with our MAD or A2 Style BUIS flip-up rear sights. As they raise the
line of sight by ½- inch, they offer a proper cheek weld when optical devices
are attached. In addition, they serve to protect the flat top receiver’s
integral rails from the wear associated with quick-release-type mounts. The
Scout length rail extends 2 inches beyond the handguards and clears the M4
forearm. It was developed to accommodate long-eye-relief “scout”-type scopes and
also Aimpoint red dot sights with night vision monoculars mounted to their rear.
The standard length rail has been employed mainly as a riser for conventional
optical sights. Manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, black hard-coat
anodized, all of the GG&G FIRE System rails meet MIL-STD-1913. These rails
lock onto the flat top receiver by means of a locking side bar and two socket
head screws. This provides both a positive and perfectly aligned lock-up even on
well-worn receiver rails. The socket head wrench required for installation is
included.  TEMP. SOLD OUT.

FIRE System Rails - Standard & Scout. Sold Out

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