Surefire C3 Centurion.  OUT OF STOCK.
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The C3 Centurion utilizes an ergonomic flat-side CombatGrip design and a patented rubber grip ring so that the light can be operated with a handgun using the Rogers/SureFire technique.

Powered by three lithium batteries (10-year shelf life), the C3 Centurion produces 105 lumens output for 60 minutes, or 200 lumens (up to 13 times brighter than a two D-cell flashlight) for 20 minutes using an optional ultra high output lamp.

The C3 is precision-machined from aerospace-grade aluminum with an anti-roll bezel and is available in either a Type II anodized black finish, or a super rugged military specification Type III hard anodized finish.

A lock-out tailcap allows he light to be locked in the OFF position to prevent accidental discharge of light during tactical operations, transportation, or storage, The C3 also features unique switching originally developed for law enforcement- twist for constant on, or depress the tailcap button for momentary illumination or emergency signaling.

The C3 Centurion is perfect for the law enforcement
officer or civilian shooter who needs a higher output CombatLight for longer
range engagements and increased shock power.

Surefire C3 Centurion. OUT OF STOCK.

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