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The successful CompM2 & CompML2 family of red
dot sights and mounting systems for small calibre firearms such as pistols
submachine guns and assault rifles have set a new standard for advanced sighting
Specially modified variants of the CompC designed to meet military
requirements; these sights are used by many armies and Special Forces around the
world. This sight has a special hard-anodized surface and the specification for
water tightness is equivalent to a depth of 75 feet. The high quality
requirements are designed to cope with frequent professional use on those types
of guns that are typically used by the police and the military or for hunting
under extreme conditions. The CompML2 is a day sight and is therefore not
compatible with Night Vision Devices (NVD). For night vision compatibility, look
for the CompM2 model instead. In all other aspects, the CompML2 and the CompM2
are identical.        
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