Aimpoint Comp ML2 2X
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          Aimpoint Comp ML2 2X
Heavy-duty variants of the
CompC built for extreme conditions. This sight has a special hard-anodized
surface and the specification for water tightness is equivalent to a depth of 75
feet. The high quality requirements are designed to cope with frequent
professional use on those types of guns that are typically used by the police
and the military or for hunting under extreme conditions. The inner tube is
suspended in a unique spherical joint – large view, greater (+/- 2.5 meters)
adjustment range at 100 meters with repeatable, accurate click adjustments.
Guaranteed submersible to 25 m without tightening the adjustment caps. Tests
have been successful down to 100 m. CompML2 red dot sight can be mounted on
almost any type of rifle and with the co-witnessing (applicable to many small
calibre weapons) the iron sights are visible through the sight as a back-up.
There is also a quick-release ring for Picatinny or Weaver bases.
sight to be rapidly detached and remounted without zeroin

Aimpoint Comp ML2 2X

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